Refers to opportunities to buy and sell domains which are already registered. The Undeveloped marketplace especially focuses on making unused domain names available in this after-market through our unique domain marketplace. We focus on an open conversation between buyers and sellers through our platform. The transactions are protected through our own escrow service. Discover our marketplace here.

The process where buyers bid for a domain name and the highest bidder is awarded the right to the acquisition and ownership of a domain name.

A string of numbers and letters which is needed to initiate the transfer of ownership to the new owner of the domain name. Sellers send the authorisation code to Undeveloped and we provide the code to the buyer once the transaction has been confirmed by our escrow service.

Someone who takes part in an auction through making an offer, or a bid on a domain name. Making an offer is legally binding. Find out more in article 6 of our terms of use.

The service which helps to establish a connection to start the negotiation for a domain name. A broker stirs the negotiation process towards a successful transfer.

An option we provide on our For Sale pages. Chose this option when you want to get started immediately and buy your domain now. This is the first step towards the transfer of your domain name.

A Country Code Top Level Domain which usually refers to the extension which is specific to a country or a region. For example, .ca for Canada, or .de for Germany. Important to note is that a domain name registration for a ccTLD falls under national jurisdiction and regulation of that country.

A Domain Name System which allows for a server to be found through a domain name, rather than an IP address. That means when you want to access our website you can type in in your browser, instead of the IP address of our server (

Are a central to the secondary domain market. It’s here where the sale of registered domains happens. Undeveloped makes registered yet unused domains accessible to you through our unique domain marketplace.

Is made up of a second-level domain (, and a top-level domain ( The domain name is part of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) which describes an address on the internet.

Refers to a domain which is registered yet not used, or filled with content. The domain could be intended to be developed at a later point, or intended to be resold at a later point in time. We gave traditional parkin pages a facelift. Parking domains on the Undeveloped domain marketplace means that our unique For Sale pages are shown to potential buyers. These For Sale pages communicate the intent for sale of the domain name and directly facilitate an open conversation between buyers and sellers.

Refers to changing the registrar of a domain name. This transfer takes place either after the sale of a domain name, or through preference for the services of another registrar.

Ensures safe and secure payment in the process of a domain transfer from a seller to a buyer. The seller gets payed through our escrow service once we have received a valid authorisation code for the transfer of the domain name. This service prevents fraud and guarantees the secure transfer of a domain name.

Are Undeveloped’s unique parking pages which cater to the needs of buyers and sellers. Our For Sale pages give potential buyers the tools to start an open conversation with the seller of a domain name. These pages clearly communicate the seller’s intention for the sale of a domain name without any distracting ads or clutter.

Generic Top Level Domains, for example .com, .net, .org. These are the more known examples but new ones are created around the clock, for example .amsterdam.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This non-profit organisation which takes care of the coordination for the maintenance and methodologies of several databases. This organisation makes sure that the internet functions properly.

A price option on our unique For Sale pages. This is the beginning of an open conversation between the seller and the potential buyer of a domain name. Making an offer is one of the pricing options which are the beginning of the price negotiation for a domain name.

Is like a traffic sign which points the visitor of a domain in the right direction without them noticing. A name server is only relevant for you if your registrar and your hosting company are not the same. In that case, the name servers help to connect the two. When you park your domain names with Undeveloped you change your nameservers to and This will show our unique For Sale pages when potential buyers type in your domain name.

A part of the domain name system which shows that there is another set of authoritative name servers which should be pointed towards.

Is the traditional term for what we turned into For Sale pages. Parking pages are usually a means to make money through advertisement. We got rid of that so that our For Sale pages clearly communicate that the domain name is for sale. No clutter. No distractions. Start an open conversation to negotiate the price of a domain name.

A name which is sold for a higher price than its registration price. That could mean every domain which is sold for more than the registration fee. However, a name which does not sell should not be described as premium domain name.

A company which is linked to several domain name registries, and functions as an intermediary. A registrar is entitled to sell domain names and keep records of the contact information of the domain name(s) owner. This information is mostly publicly available and will be send to the registry.

Can be compared to a manufacturer. They are the origin of domain names with local extensions, and it is their mission to issue new domain names into the market of their respective extension, for example .amsterdam.

Describes all elements involved in the sale and acquisition of an already registered domain. Actors in the secondary market include marketplaces and auction platforms (e.g., domain owners, and potential buyers - domain investment professionals, and end-users such as online marketers and businesses, also knowns as the “aftermarket.”

Is what commonly is referred to as a domain name. In the name preceding the .com is the second level name.

The extension which follows the domain name, or also second level name. The “com” in is the TLD.

A domain transfer which is when the ownership of a domain name changes. This occurs after the sale of a domain name or when there is a change in registrars.

A protocol used to find information about a domain name or an IP address. It is here that you can find information on the domain registration, its expiration, nameservers, and contact information of the current owner.