A starting offer is the minimum offer on the domain that the sellers demands, before he or she is willing to enter a negotiation. As a buyer, it is not possible to place an offer lower than this amount.

All of our payments are processed safely​ and securely by our payment provider Adyen. Read more about our payment provider Adyen by clicking on the category Trust and safety.

All prices on our platform are excluding VAT.

As soon as we receive your payment we will send you the transfer code of the domain or ask you if we can push the domain into your registrar's account. Typically this happens within 24 hours of receiving the payment. However, in some cases it may take longer than 24 hours. This is because we must wait for the transfer code to be obtained from the seller or until the domain is pushed in our account.

First of all, it is important to determine which hosting provider/registrar you want to use to register the domain name. If you have already registered other domains at a hosting provider, you could register this domain at this same registrar. Each hosting provider does domain transfers a little differently, so we have written a short article on different providers and their processes.

Read the article: How do I transfer my domain?

For all transactions, we use Adyen payment provider. We offer the following payment options: Bank wires, Visa, MasterCard, iDeal, MisterCash, Sofort and Paypal.

In most cases we don’t know the asking price of the domain names since we are not the owner of the domains. A seller can choose to have a fixed price on the domain, if so then you’ll find this price by searching and clicking on the domain in our marketplace.

If a seller hasn’t specified a fixed price then this means that he is willing to receive offers. He will then appraise his domain once an offer is in.

No, the price you have to pay is the price you agree on with the seller, excluding VAT if applicable.

No, using our platform to buy a domain name is free of charge. The price you agree on is the price you have to pay, excluding VAT.

Our payment provider Adyen is the leading payment technology, powering payments for truly global commerce. They are used by some of the biggest companies around the world, for example Facebook, KLM, Spotify and Uber.

Sometimes, your bank may refuse payment or our payment provider may refuse your credit card. Fortunately, we have multiple solutions to this problem. Please contact us at support@undeveloped.com as soon as possible so we can take a look into your situation, and help you out.

The invoice with the VAT will automatically be sent by email as soon as we receive your payment.
Didn’t receive any invoice or want to receive an invoice beforehand? Contact us at support@undeveloped.com.

This probably has to do with the Nameserver settings of your domain. Please login to your registrar and check the nameserver settings there. At most registrars you can easily reset them to their defaults.

We guarantee that your money is safe and secure. This ensures that the seller doesn’t “run away” with your money. In addition, we guide you during the whole transaction process and make sure that you as a buyer receive the domain before the seller gets paid out. This way, you always know that you are doing business with the real owner, in the safest way. Just give us a call or send us an email if you want more information about the benefits of using Undeveloped.

We offer direct communication with sellers through our chat functionality. You only can chat with the seller after placing an offer on the domain name you want. As soon as the seller receives and replies to your offer, you can leave him a message. In the seller response email that you will get from us, there is a button through which you can reply to the seller. Click on this button and you can directly type a message.

When you buy a domain, you get the full rights to this domain. This means that you can register the domain at your preferred registrar and use it as you like. You keep the ownership of the domain, as long as you keep the domain registered.

Yes, every bid you place is binding. This means you have a binding agreement with the seller of the domain you are bidding on. For more information on placing a bid, we refer you to our terms of use

Yes, we actually prefer doing a push. Our team will contact you during the transaction process which option you prefer.

Yes. We provide escrow service for all domains bought through our platform. Our escrow team ensures that the transfer of your domain name is safe and secure and following the correct guidelines.

Simply follow the steps we send you via email. Most transactions are concluded in hours after we've secured the payment.

Every offer is valid for a duration of 7 days.

We want to close every transaction within 24 hours after reaching an agreement. We know however that it's not always possible to instantly pay for the domain name which is alright. if you aren't able to pay instantly, just let us know so we can inform the seller of the domain name.

Transferring a domain name is almost as easy as registering a domain name. We have written a short article about this step to guide you through the whole process. Click the link below to read more. If you still need any assistance please contact us at support@undeveloped.com, our escrow team is happy to help!

Read more: How do I transfer my domain?

You can choose to buy a domain name in installments if this option is available on the For Sale page of the seller. Once agreement reached you'll need to pay the first installment right away, while the next ones are due every subsequent month.
After receiving the first payment we start with the transfer of the domain to our Escrow account and point the nameservers towards you. The domain will be held by Undeveloped in Escrow until the full amount is paid. Once full amount is received we start with the transfer of the domain to your registrar. From that moment on you'll be the new owner of the domain name.

Please keep in mind that if you cancel the transaction for any reason, the seller keeps the money and gets the domain back!

  1. If the seller is a consumer we always charge 0% VAT.
  2. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to another company or consumer within their own country we charge the local VAT
  3. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to another company within EU but outside the sellers country we charge 0% VAT
  4. If the seller is a company within EU and sells to a consumer within the EU but outside the sellers country we charge the VAT rate of the country of the consumer
  5. If the seller is a company within EU and sell to a consumer or business outside EU we charge 0%

You'll receive a payout notice with the full name & address of the seller including their VAT number when they're buying on behalf of a business.