Bidding starts at just $1. Buyers pay the winning bid amount plus the actual cost of a 1-year renewal. This covers the cost of a domain transfer to (when the domain is registered elsewhere) or a 1-year renewal (when the domain is already registered at Epik). There is no escrow fee.

Sellers keep 75% of the winning bid amount. Transfer / renewal costs are paid by the buyer. And there is no escrow fee. Payment is made to the seller's Epik account in the form of MasterBucks. $1 in MasterBucks = $1 in USD. If you don't have an Epik account, don't worry; we'll create one for you. And if you prefer to withdraw your payment instead of using MasterBucks, that's fine too. However, in that case, there is a 5% disbursement fee.

Create a bidding account, verify your contact info, and you're ready to go. Get ready for some good deals!

No. Every "Last Call" domain auction begins with a $1 starting bid. There are no reserve prices. Every domain will sell to the highest bidder.

7 days.

If your domain name expired within the past 7 days, then there may still be time to start an auction. Submit your list of expiring / expired domains today before it's too late! If the domain expired more than 7 days ago, then unfortunately it has already passed our cutoff date. We are working hard to extend that cutoff date in order to sell domains that expired more than 7 days ago. So check back later, in case the deadline has changed.

Yes. You can submit domains that haven't expired yet. We are happy to auction any non-expired domain you submit to us, as long as it's yours to sell. Keep in mind, the domain must use 1 of the suffixes we are equipped to handle.

Currently we accept submissions for .COM, .NET, .ORG, and .INFO. In the future, even more domain extensions will be eligible. Tell us which suffixes you're most interested in buying or selling, and we'll prioritize those. Change is on the way! So keep coming back!

If your domain receives bids, then we will collect the buyer's payment as soon as the auction ends. The domain will be transferred to our escrow account at once payment is received or as soon as the first bid is placed. After the auction has concluded and the domain transfer is complete, we will forward you the funds.

After the auction, if your domain received no bids, then nothing happens. You can choose to keep the domain name, or you can allow it to expire and drop. If the domain has not passed its expiration date, then it still belongs to you. If the domain has expired, then you may renew the domain name at your current registrar (subject to their renewal policy); or you can transfer the domain to us at Epik, where it will still belong to you and be yours to manage.

After payment, the domain name will be placed in your Epik account as soon as the domain transfer is complete. If you don't have an Epik account yet, don't worry. We will create one for you.

Undeveloped will not transfer your domain name unless it sells at auction. We ask for the authorization code in advance because this speeds up the transfer process. It's important to move quickly once a buyer purchases a domain that has already expired. Also, by validating the authorization code, we ensure that the domain belongs to you and can be transferred – before we start the auction.

No, not if the domain receives bids at auction. As a seller, once you submit your name for a "Last Call" domain auction, we must honor the agreement. That means the auction will proceed; and, if someone bids and pays for the domain, then your domain name will be transferred to the winning bidder. If nobody bids, then you are free to keep the domain after the auction is over.

All "Last Call" domain auctions must be listed without a reserve price. In the future, we may allow sellers to add a "Buy-it-Now" price. More improvements and innovations are planned.