How it works

Buy domains from sellers around the globe

All great domains are already registered, but not all are used or developed... The good news is that millions of these domains are listed on our domain marketplace! Undeveloped allows you to buy domain names directly from their current owner.

Buy, Rent or Lease a domain, you choose

Once you find a domain you like, simply review all options and proceed to checkout. You can pay in full or in installments; there is absolutely no extra cost! Some sellers at Undeveloped will also accept renting or leasing their domains.

No more painful and expensive domain escrow

94% of all transactions are completed within 24 hours after payment. Some transfers are even instant since the introduction of DAN! Domain transfers used to take weeks. That is now a thing of the past!

We keep you safe

Buyer Protection Program

We protect every transaction through a careful escrow process, leading to 100% successful acquisitions since 2014.

Safe Payments by Adyen

Our partner Adyen processes all payments with professional-grade security so you never have to worry!

Best Customer Support

Customers love our support team! We are always available for you and respond to your chat or email within 51 minutes.